Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wint-err Look

Tanaz and Sanjeeda both used the latest winter fashion mantra and erred badly. Long Boots, tartan, heavy jackets et al, but both have missed the look for me. And for you?

Sanjeeda and Amir(left) and Tanaz Currim(right) at the Indian Telly Awards

5 fashionistas responded:

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Thats an awful gold bag. the rest is sorta chalega.

Renu said...

On fist sight , I thought that was her skirt Lol:), its a sore to the eyes, and I dont like Sanjeeda at all>

Reflections said...

Well i knw its winter & one is s'pposed to be covered up but they both are looking over dressed:-P

Shalom said...

I'm guessing the awards would've been held in Bombay. Now I know Bombay NEVER gets cold enough to warrant jackets that thick, but even if it was so, the looks are still completely disastrous.

my space said...

They both need a full length mirror..keen sense of fashion..attitude...thats a tall order ..

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