Saturday, November 29, 2008


The turn out at the Bikram Yoga Fitness Centre launch certainly seem to have an unfit sense of dressing! After the starry appearance of Bappi Lahiri, have a look at these celebs...

Wonder what you call this thing Manisha is wearing. And to top it the frizzy hair style doesn't help either.
Shweta Bhardwaj wears the colour of the season, but the drape of the dress spoils it all. I would've have preferred this piece without the train.
Maria Goretti's shoes don't give me a chance to notice anything else!

The drape of the dress is nice but again, what's 'up' with her hair? Other than a saner hairstyle, the outfit would've looked better with a clutch and shoes in a different colour.
Agree? What's your view?

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