Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sister's Act

Which of the two sister's do you think is better/worse dressed here?

Although I like the silhoutte of Tanisha's dress, I hate the quilted look - looks like a bedcover made into a dress. Whereas Kajol needs to dress a bit more stylishly - a kurti and trouser is way way passe now...what say?

Tanisha and Kajol at the Golmaal Returns success bash

2 fashionistas responded:

my space said...

hey good to have u back!
Tanisha`s outfit reminds me of my oven gloves!!
And kajol..ho humm ho hummmm as ever!

Shalom said...

The only times I have liked Kajol's attire have been in K3G & Fanaa ..... wonder why she doesn't consult the same stylists for real-life as well.

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