Friday, January 9, 2009

Arm Candy:Birkin

We saw Shilpa and Kehkashan with a Birkin and now it's Amisha Patel.

For the uninitiated - Hermes' "Birkin" is considered a must-have bag for any fashionista. Named after Jane Birkin - a British born actress and singer, the bag is priced USD 7500 onwards depending on the leather used, and the wait list for it is about 2 years! It is also regarded as an investment product because the price of this bag is said to remain the same or increase over the years. The bag is not available for purchase anywhere except a Hermes boutique itself and can be customised into using one's choice of leather, colour and metals for the lock etc.

I love the one in orange Ameesha is carrying here. Infact spotted Julia Roberts with the same bag but she paired it with a pheasant skirt and the bag looks lost in all that print. What do you think?

Ameesha Patel at Daboo Ratnani's Calendar launch. Julia Roberts and Danny Moder
Hermes Birkin Bag in orange

3 fashionistas responded:

Cosmic Treehouse said...

I love how down to earth Julia Roberts is.

Reflections said...

Thank U for that titbit on hermes birkin......:-o.
Then I wonder naturally where is Amisha Patel earning tht kind of money from;-P?????

Renu said...

I really love the info u give us:)
If kehkashan can use the same thing..then how exclusive is it?
Ameesha is looking good..bag and barrel:)
Normally I like Julia roberts more and Ameesha not much, but here Julia is looking mismatched:(

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