Friday, January 16, 2009

Star Screen Awards 2008: Saree Attention

Kangana looked lovely in a white and silver sari.
So did Jaya Bachchan in her white Chikan sari. The look complete with a batua.
Rituparna SenGupta's look remained average and so did Sonali Kulkarni's.
Suneeta Rao seemed to have misunderstood what a sari is and how it is worn. An absolute disaster!

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Just call me 'A' said...

erkkkkk..yes i agree, sunita roa must have lost her senses. The concept could have turned out well if she had a better blouse. but THAT was plain ugly and vulgar. I'm surprise at their sensibility. seems like they don't have one.
I kind of like sonali kurkarni's sari...just that it didn't look great on her.

Reflections said...

Kangana looks beautiful...she's got attituse tht girl....I bet she'll go places

Renu said...

Kangna is looking beautiful, and for a change madam bhaduri also, i dont like her in salwar kameej.and Sunita undergarment peeking thru black blouse..she seems to be out of her mind:)

Goofy Mumma said...

Ouch! what is with Sunita Rao? She seems to have completely lost her mind. Is she modeling for some lingerie brand here? Display of undergarments, is always in bad taste I think.

I admire the way you maintain this blog DD. very nice.

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