Thursday, March 5, 2009

Print Party: Got A Fav?

Amongst the floral and printed dresses, do you have a fav? I quite liked Gul and Suzanne. While Katrina wore a nice dress (I think it's by Gauri and Nainika), with no accessories and make-up and with rough hair, she looks as if she came out without getting fully ready!

Katrina Kaif
Suzanne Khan Roshan
Aditi Gowatrikar

Gul Panag

6 fashionistas responded:

Piper .. said...

Love Gul Panag`s dress. Even Katrina`s, though I agree she could have looked a lil more 'made-up'...

Agnes said...

I love the last woman's hair

Reflections said...

Suzanne's outfit is looking different...and I wdnt go far as to say I like it;-P

desipolitan said...

Oh my. I hadn't seen the pic of Suzanne until now. What happened to her style sense?! Zebra print is overkill anywhere, but to a wedding it's just ridic!

Kat looks great - though I'd prefer the dress without that single strap, and I agree with Piper - it looks like her makeup melted off in the heat.

I'm not crazy about Gul's dress, but for once she's looking pretty well put together. Her hair looks cute.

Shalom said...

They're great outfits, but I guess I'm old-fashioned....don't really like big prints to attend a wedding.

my space said...

single strap dresses are all over..Kat looks as if shes caught in the middle of dressing up..i ABSOLUTELY detest Suzanne`s OTT animal print..Aditi is like vanill ..plain and plesant..I like Gul`s fresh look..the whole get up is good the dress is very ok.

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