Thursday, March 5, 2009


While Kareena was busy being the bridesmaid, sister Karishma and BF Saif came for the wedding together. Since the wedding was in the afternoon, most of the guests wore summery, floral dresses.
I like Karishma in this bright number with her Hysteria clucth. Saif also seems to have co-ordinated his outfit with Karishma's and I find that shoo cute! (is someone is trying to please their "might be" sil?). What I am not liking though, are Saif's glasses. The frame is too thick for my choice. What's your verdict??

Karishma Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. Gucci Hysteria Clutch
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6 fashionistas responded:

Goofy Mumma said...

Love Karishma's dress. Very nice.
Don't like Saif's look at all! He is looking too old.

Piper .. said...

same as GM! love the dress.

Reflections said...

Ohhh Karishma is looking so chic.
Why on earth is Saif trying to ape his western counterparts:-S

desipolitan said...

My gosh! You're right they are coordinated aren't they? Looks like Saifu's trying to get in good with possible future sis-in-law.Karishma looks lovely as always - I think she nailed the daytime wedding look. I could do without Saif's glasses, but what's worse IMHO is his greasy slicked back hair.

Shalom said...

Karishma's looking lovelier than ever!!!

my space said...

Karishma looks HOT! Sadly cant say the same for Saifu..trying too hard o get the slick italian look..the gelled hair, French beard and those awful glasses..Grrr

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