Friday, February 13, 2009

Some Arm Candies

Here are some of the intersting bags I spotted in the last few days. Have a dekkho and tell me which one suits your style the best?

Anu Dewan carries a limited edition Ganesha cltch by Judith Leiber. I like experimenting, but wearing gods on t-shirts and sporting them in your arm is a bit awkward for me.

at Farah Khan Ali's Jewellery showcase. Judith Leiber limited edition Ganesha clutch

Farah's mom Zarine Khan carried the Prada handbag. The bag seems to be bleding too well with her outfit. If worn with a solid colour like the green on the bag, or yellow would accentuate the bag more I feel. I like this bag.
Farah and Zarine Khan at her Jewellery showcase. Prada Paillete Shoulder Bag
Karishma played it safe by wearing the basic black and blue combo. Though not trendy, it gives a decent basic look with this Gucci Hysteria clutch.

Karishma Kapoor at Farah Khan's triplets' birthday bash. Gucci Hysteria Clutch
Amrita Arora carried a yummy orange Balenciaga bag. In fact that's the only thing that saves the look for her. If only she paired it with carefully chosen clothes, she would've looked yummy too!

Amrita Arora at Farah Khan's triplets' birthday bash. Balenciaga Arena Pom Pon bag

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Goofy Mumma said...

Ok I am no fashion diva, and don't get trends mostly, so I ask you, why do you say Amrita Arora's clothes are not ok? I think it looks nice.

Renu said...

I would prefer karishma and Amrita's bag:)

DeeplyDip said...

@Goofy Mumma: I understand what you mean. Actually if you enlarge the full length pic by clicking on it you will notice what I mean. The outfit per se is alright, but very office wear type. She is carrying a very trendy bag, which needs to be backed by subtle but stylish clothes. (Maybe a good pair of jeans would've worked better here). Besides, if you notice the inner wear is wrong - a black under a white shirt! No accessories, blotchy face, sequened shoes under these basic trousers...all combined give a very mixed look - she wanted to be trendy, keep it basic, but casual too...but it didn't work somewhere...

Goofy Mumma said...

Thanks so much for explaining in detail DD. :) I enlarged the pic and got it. The trouser is too formal i think, in the smaller version I thought it was a pair of jeans.
Noticed another things, there are gaps between the buttons on her top, is the a style statement too, or just a top too tight?
PS - DO you have a mail-id? Mine is

my space said...

Hmm i like karisma`s bag and even Amritas and Zarines.
Karismas bag is v neat,handy and zarines is more formal and stylish.
Amrita is looking really tacky..patchy face,wrong clothes..
As for ganesha bag..per se very striking..but I too wouldn`t like it as an accessory..too noticeable for me..and that is not Anu Dewan!

DeeplyDip said...

@GM: i know sometimes it is difficult to see and make out from one pic...and this is the biggest siez i can put up... :)
Yes my email id is!

@my space: you know I am bad with names! so help me out here. Am remving the caption for now...

Another Kiran In NYC said...

I like the Ganesha bag, but the buddha one by leibler is even more cute.

Karisma has a good functional bag, stylish and big enough to even put a diaper and wipes in it (yes I used to do that when the babies were little.. hated diaper bags).

Amritas bag is a thaila. Its just too huge for small framed desi women.

The Zarine khan bag is too "old ladies who do lunch" for me.

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