Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mr.&Mrs. Pointy Shoes

Can we ever stress the importance of right fits and styles to go with everything? While the tunic Mansi is wearing is alright, but the ill-fitting and wrongly matched trousers spoil the look. The shoes are nothing much to write home about too.
And while we talk about shoes, did you notice Rohit's red ones? With those shoes and belt, I can hardly notice anything else!
Rohit and Mansi Roy

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Reflections said...

The whole outfit looks sad to me...or mayb the picture was not taken at the right angle;-P

Renu said...

Mansi..I havent sen her ever well dressed, But surprising to see Rohit in red shoes, whatw as he thinking:)
Recently i saw two photos of kajol in two beautiful Indina with short kurta and one anaarkali type, didnt find them here:)

my space said...

reminds me of a beatles numbr...jus tweaking it a bit....
can`t buy me style ,style style
money can`t buy me style!!!

Shalom said...

I agree with Renu, even I can't recall seeing Manasi Joshi well-dressed ever! Which is really sad since Rohit Roy looks so smart most of the time, but not here ..... less obvious shoes might've worked better.

desipolitan said...
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desipolitan said...

I think Mansi's top is ok ... but are we all sure it is in fact a top and not say a minidress?

Rohit's shoes...I have no words.

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