Monday, February 23, 2009

Freida At Oscars 2009

After walking to the tune of Jai Ho, Galliano now dressed the leading lady of Slumdog Millionaire - Frieda Pinto. This one shoulder blue creation looks pretty with the embroidery on net on the sleeves, but frankly I would've been over the top if I saw Frieda dressed in victorian jewellery, and a sabyasachi saree at this red carpet. Freida has been wearing the international designers for some time now and atleast this last red carpet event for SM should've been something more Indian. What do you say?

Freida at the Academy Awards 2009 Red Carpet
Freida and Dev Patel at the Academy Awards 2009 Red carpet
Freida Pinto

John Galliano Ready to wear Spring 2009 collection
Judith Leiber curved rectangle clutch

6 fashionistas responded:

Piper .. said...

I dunno abt the dress but I sure wish she had let hair hair down! Literally I mean. The other day she was on Jay Leno`s show and was looking beautiful with wavy shoulder-length hair! I thought the hairdo made her look a lil too old!

Goofy Mumma said...

I did not like her look here at all. She is looking too dull and listless, i don't think the colour is doing her any good.

I am sure a nice deep coloured saree with some nice ethnic jewellery would have looked lovely!!

Agnes said...

I liked her dress. I mean, she'd look good in anything, really. She's gorgeous.

Renu said...

I second the opinion of Goofy Mumma.
I know it may sound strange to you, but I dont think Freida pinto is good looking or heroine material even,in this movie, she hardly had anything to do, she just got lucky by getting connected with this movie, let her do some substantial movie in Bollywood,then only i will be impressed.

Reflections said...

Yeah u have a point, she cd have worn an Indian outfit here

Shalom said...

A sari would've been a much better choice over that gown. Checked out other pics from the red carpet.....nearly all the gowns were a disappointment this time :(

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