Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some Disappointments

The style quotient at Queenie Dhody's store launch was a bit lukewarm. Here's a look at some disappointments:

Rakshanda Khan who I think is in a Swapnil Shinde here, has paired her tunic with some very bizarre looking trousers and shoes. Every piece individually is alright but together it looks a mess.

Rarely do we see Malaika going wrong with her short dresses, but this one somehow doesn't work for me.
After seeing those shoes on Madhoo, I can hardly notice anything else!
Sheetal Mafatlal loves to carry the ughh clutch in every colour! This one once again spoils the look for her.
Rakshanda Khan. Malaika Arora Khan. Madhoo

Sheetal Mafatlal and Manish Malhotra at Queenie Dhody's store launch. Sheetal Mafatlal at EktaKapoor's birthday bash

2 fashionistas responded:

Goofy Mumma said...

Likle Madhoo's dress, though her footwear looks like it is from a terrible road side stall.
Sheetal's hand bag is scary... really, looks like one of those stupid things you hang in your car!

Renu said...

Rakshanda is looking horrible, liked madhoo's dress though, but Sheetal's hand bag thats agaion a complete no-no.

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