Friday, October 3, 2008

Circus Town

Manish Arora showed his Circus collection at the Paris Fashion Week this week. Following his style of bold, quirky and colourful outfits, the collection looks mesmerising. Jokers, pointy caps, pointy boobs, bright colours and flairy outfits. Notics the first pic which has the outfit complete with circus animals, rotating candy sticks and Manish Arora branding!
Check out the complete collection in the WLFW as Manish would be doing the finale for this event.
Interesting as the collection is, do you see yourself wearing any of these outfits?

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2 fashionistas responded:

Renu said...

These dresses are for circus and people there only can wear it:)

my space said...

jaan amat mere dost show abhi baaki hain..reminds me of the eternal mera naam joker.. colourful and quirky...only for shows..

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