Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fashion Faux pas

The colour looks great on Rituparna, but didn't care much about the dress on her. What I can't take my eyes off here are her muddy/dirty shoes! And the dirty swivel chair! When it comes to dressing esp for a photoshoot, here are some basic rules:
Rule No. 1 - Wear a good colour - Check
Rule No. 2 - Wear a silhoutte that suits you - Beep! Beep!
Rule No. 3 - Shoes speak a lot about a person and the last thing you want to do is wear muddy shoes with lables intact on the sole! - Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!!
Rule No. 4 - Clean clothes alone do not make a good photoshoot. Unless the situation demands, there is no room for any muddy and dirty surroundings - Beep! Beep!Beep!
What's your take?

Rituparna Sen Gupta at a photoshoot. Pallavi Murdia design at LFW 2009
Pic Courtesy: BCCL and BollyOne

2 fashionistas responded:

my space said...

the photographer needs a crash course in photography--asap!!I feel sorry for rituparna...she looks really sad..slumpy, frumpy,messy..

Renu said...

I cant say anything:) I like her:)

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