Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gul in Urvashi Kaur

Spotted Gul Panag in an Urvashi Kaur creation once more. But I'm hating this dress on her (well to be fair, would hate anyone who wears this piece!). What was Urvashi thinking when she designed this one? Was she thinking she could use a gift wrap idea for a dress? Well it might have worked if the bow was tied a bit neatly, and at the waist rather than the shoulder!

Gul Panag at the Hello premiere. Urvashi Kaur Collection 2008
Gul Panag at Urvashi's store launch. Urvashi Kaur Collection 2008

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my space said...

urvashi who???The black outfit is really bad..and Gul has the knack of looking absolutely haggard always!She also Suffers from BHDS...bad hair day syndrome!!!

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