Monday, December 8, 2008

Datuk Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh received the Datuk from the state of Malacca in their national dress Baju Melayu . For the uninitiated, Datuk is the highest award given to a foreigner by the state of Malacca. Shahrukh received this award because his last 6 movies were shot in this place - leading to a boost in tourism for the country.

I think the outfit certainly suits him. What do you think?

Shahrukh Khan at the ceremony to receive the Datuk. Baju Melayu the national dress of Malaysia

Here's a short description of their national dress: On ceremonial occassions, the men wear the Baju Melayu consisting of a loose shirt and a pair of long trousers. A sarung known as sampin is wrapped around the waist and is left to hang half-way over the trousers. The headgear consists of a black fez-like cap known as a songkok, whereas on grander ocassions, a tanjak or tengkolok is donned.

3 fashionistas responded:

Cosmic Treehouse said...

Gosh I just love traditional Indian clothes.

Reflections said...

Yes I also think it looks good on him.....mainly becoz he looks perfectly comfortable wearing shawl sorry sampin:-D, headgear & all.

DeeplyDip said...

@Cosmic Treehouse: Hey Agnes, it is the Malaysian national dress and not Indian. Looks very similar though!

@Reflections: ya she seems at ease with what he is wearing...

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