Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Less Is Not Always More

Rakhee has gone all red here with a dress, scarf, shoes and even the nail polish of the same colour while Shweta Bisht has matched her shoes to the tube top.
Both the looks don't work for me. Do they work for you?

Rakhee Sawant on being selected as the Queen Cheerleader by Indian Cricket League. Barkha Bisht at Gold Awards 2008 in Dubai

3 fashionistas responded:

Renu said...

For me too much of matching doesnt work ever, it looks too much, and I prefer barkha bisht.

Shalom said...

I actually don't mind Rakhee's look. I think because she's so bindaas, she can carry it off, but on anyone else, it would be too much.

my space said...

Rakhee is Rakhee and hence this bold in your face dress up..i dont like the shiny tube that Barkha sports..
psssst jus wondering where are the tastefully dressed diva`s.. All disappeared??

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