Sunday, December 21, 2008

Designer Connection

Anushka Sharma was spotted in a Manish Malhotra outfit at a promo for RNBDJ.
While the colour and style are almost the same as the one worn by Amrita Rao at the Goa Film Festival, I am not liking the small balls on Amrita's dupatta and the pink colour on Anushka's dress. I like the fit of the chudidar for Anushka but neither of them succeed to impress me much. What say you?

Anushka Sharma at a RNBDJ promotion. Amrita Rao at the opening of Film Festival in Goa

See Shilpa's Manish Malhotra dress here and here

4 fashionistas responded:

Cosmic Treehouse said...

Looks great on her. I could never pull off something like this but Indian women look great in bright colors.

Renu said...

Oh my my:), the same design I bought for my DIl from lifestyle and it looked so good that my sis copied it and made many in her boutique and all her customers loved them.

I liked Anushka's better.

Goofy Mumma said...

I like the balls. :( I have a thing for hanging tit bits, but i am no style expert!!

my space said...

Amrita jus wants to remind you that its christmas time..
As for Anushka..kya kare yaar jaldbaazi mein matching dupatta mila nahi..Suri Ji wait kar rahe the so doosra dupatta daal liya ;-)

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