Monday, September 15, 2008


Before I publish anything more I must acknowledge that I was chosen for an award by MySpace!! Yay!!
When I recieved the award I was ecstatic but then soon that ecstacy turned into tension and worry. My blog is very new, and I am not even sure if I deserve this award and well I do not have a list of friends to choose from! My only friends on blogosphere are all better than me and they all have already been awarded!! So in consultation with MySpace, I have decided to reserve this arward with me for a future date when I can pass it on to 7 more accomplished blogs.
Thanks a ton Myspace for giving me this honour :)

3 fashionistas responded:

my space said...

Well deserved hain...naya hain to kya hain toh Rocking!!

Renu said...

congrats! u desrved it:)

DeeplyDip said...

@myspace, renu: Thanks a lot to the two of you!Thats big encouragement...

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