Monday, September 29, 2008

Rekha ko Dekha?

Since my earliest memories of her public appearences, I have always seen Rekha in a white/off-white/gold saree, red lipstick, dark kajal, open hair and gold jewellery. It looks lovely on her and she doesn't seem to age ever! But do you think she should experiment with other things as well?

Rekha at the IMPA awards ceremony

BTW this post goes out to Renu, who is a big fan of Rekha!

3 fashionistas responded:

Shalom said...

Yeah it would be a refreshing change to see her in other colours as well....but pastels though. I'm visualising her in dark colours & I don't think they'd suit her well.

my space said...

well this is her signature look..she is always in heavy silks and heavy gold and traditional kundan jwellery..I feel she should not experiment now...her image is set and it is elegant...why mess with it?

Renu said...

Thanks a lot:) yeah, i am a big fan of her, liked her best in Silsila (in that white saree)and Khoobsuratand yes Umraojaan,she is the most elegant heroine. Now she shouldnt experiment, because i dont like jaya wearing those designer outfits and being mod:), but she may go for ethnic a la Kiron kher or Shabana azmi.

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