Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Printed Act

At the Kenzo Men's showroom, Simone Singh, Mandira Bedi, Tara Sharma and once again don't-know-the-name! showed up wearing the Kenzo Summer Collection 2008.

Mandira is looking great and so is Tara. If only I could do something with the solid red neckline...Can't see their shoes so no comments there.

Just when I thought Simone is well dressed, I am shattered to see her in this version. The black almost flat gladiators do not good to the outfit as well. The length is too long for her and the baggy just doesn't suit her silhoutte.
What' your verdict?
Picture Sources: Kenzo Launch, Fashion Show

4 fashionistas responded:

Renu said...

Tara is not looking good, as fitting is ot good(u know what i want to say:), nor is Simone, no elegance, mandira is just OK

my space said...

Honestly I like the outfit that Mandira is wearing but methinks that the model carries it much better than broad shouldrerd mandira..
The white dress is pretty-v summery
Tara`s outfit? I don`t` think much of the solid red.
As for Simone- what is wrong with her. Normally she is well groomed..looks she has just got up and grogilly stepped out.

By the way the coming season is really hot on bold printed Kerchief dresses..

aneri_masi said...

The only one I like here is Mandira. But someone please tell her that pose is awful! She always looks so talli when she poses like that.
And Simone...yikes! Clowns will also not wear that thing!

DeeplyDip said...

sorry for the late replies :)

@renu: ya I found Mandira the best of the lot. Even the white short dress looks nice, but is very dekha hua type...

@my space:Of course the model has a wafer thin body! Infact I think Mandira looks fit and fine...Yes Simone is a big let down here...yes kerchief dresses are totally in, but again even the thinnest of bodies look full in be very carfeul in wearing it...

@aneri_masi: that you say it, I agree...she looks talli here!

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