Monday, September 22, 2008


Here is a collection of sarees by Suneet Varma whose collection I thought was the most stunning of all. Have a look and give your opinion...

I loved the black and white saree and the offiwhite one the best!
Off-white saree with subtle gold work (reminds me of Farah Khan's saree here)
Beige net saree with floral embroidery in dahses of pink and blue and gold.

The very western black white and red combo beautifully blended in an Indian saree. Notice the sequins all over to lend the bling, and the printed roses in various colours brings an intersting twist.
Ink Blue saree with a velvet blouse, scalloped borders, floral embroidery, again a stunning but a more traditional style.
This black and gold saree is a bold piece. Again black sequins on a self fabric and floral work.

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my space said...

I loved the beige one...the pink pallu with frill is very girly and feminine..
The blue one reminds me of 70`s..and is a bit garish
The off white is not easy to may very easily look loud in it
The black and white is bold and makes a statement...again does not have repeat value
now which one I missed?

Shalom said...

Hmmm....I love the design of the beige one but, (and here starts the wishful thinking) if I had to have it, I would prefer a different base colour....beige doesn't suit me :(

Renu said...

I liked the first one the most, I love white sarees or even salwar kameezes, sometimes with golden borders.
Second one is also good but the girl hasnt worn it in style.Last one is really bold, spoiling the saree with her bare legs::))
BTW I love Satya Paul sarees

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