Thursday, September 4, 2008

Style Right or Wrong

Priyanka is looking great in this strapless pencil tube dress. The bright fabric is perfectly balanced with a simple watch and non blingy shoes. It might have looked nicer with a slight hint of jewelery either in the hand or ears. What's your verdict?

While Priyanka is making a style statement above, I am not sure what Sania is up to. The shiny fabric is blinding the eye and the least is to be said about the styling. She is capable of carrying off better stuff. BTW what do you think she is thinking here? Any clues? Is she showing off her ring or is she trying to pose with some attitude for the photographer?
And whatever happened to Aarti Chabria! How did her stylsit (assuming she has one, and yes if she does, then he/she needs to be sacked!) allow her to step out wearing this! Even though corsets are in, this one looks more like inner wear. Moreover the layers of beads and bracelets do no good to the outfit. The yellow belt is a big no no as well. C'mmon girls you can do better than this.

4 fashionistas responded:

my space said...

a huge ring or a nice bracelet would have added the much needed zing..priyanka here looks a bit washed out to me..
Sania-girl get back into ur tennis skirts..they flatter u much more than this blingy sack!

DeeplyDip said...

@myspace: Yes priyanka has lost a lot of weight and looks petite and young here. And the best part is, her sense of style is intact.
I had forgotten to add Arti chabria's pic earlier. I'm sure you'll have lots more to add once you see that pic ;)

my space said...

Aarti Chabria-Arrrrrgh!the ill fitted corset riding all over-her midriff-or should i say paunch, with multicolored beads and bangles--Gawd! She better buy a full size mirror Asap before she steps out in such terrifying Avtaars!!

Renu said...

I like priyanka without any add ons.
I have seen thant earringslook too much on pencil dress,just a clutch and watch is best.
Sania ko kya ho gaya? she always looks so sweet in her skirts.
arti Chabria never has any style

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