Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who let these celebs out? who? who?

I can't get over this. How can they step out in such clothes?

Urmila in gym clothes - attending EMI Gala event
Ekta Kapoor - As if the poorly styled dress was not enough, she chose to wear stockings on shoes where her feet are slipping away! Somebody please hold her before she falls!

Urmila Matondkar, Javed Jaffery and Ekta Kapoor at the EMI Gala event
Celina's outfit can easily be doubled up as a maze game for children, while Divya Dutta can be used as a spot-the-fat-oozing-out-from-different-places game! What say girls?

Celina Jaitley and Divya Dutta at the Welcome to Sajjanpur premier

4 fashionistas responded:

Shalom said...

Maybe Ekta thought it was a Halloween party (it is coming up isn't it?) Seriously, what's up with the stupid sleeves???

For the next lot, both outfits suck, although I think Celina could've carried off Divya's sari better. But nobody could wear Celina's ...... whatever you call that thing. Maybe she thought, hmmmm, Shyam Benegal's movie premiere, perhaps if I go all covered up instead of how I usually dress, he might cast me in his next venture.

my space said...

ekta--satin shudder...and that black evil eye embroidery(can u label it that?) ..definitely following Sunita Menon and trying to ward off evil eye..not that she needs to..with this eerie sense of fashion she will scare away the deadliest of devils!!
Urmilla..jog baby jog..gotta go far..dilli bahut door hain.
Celina...no comments!
Divya Dutta...can some one please help her with a good tailor...and also a trainer..

Renu said...

Divya; is always plump, so looks better in SK only.

celina; is looking so like seventies:(
and Ekta..oh she never had any dress sense, only bussiness sense, I am yet to see her looking good ever.

DeeplyDip said...

@shalom: hehe...i cannot get over her choice of shoes(ekta) - click on the pic to see a bigger one - her feet are slipping out! how does she walk in those!
@my space: hehe
@renu: ya i agree...i too am waiting to see her dress well for a change...

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