Saturday, September 13, 2008

White with Colour

A lot of stars lately have been seen in White/Ivory suits with Multi-Colour bodice and Gold work - Gota style in most cases. All suits are styled as anarkalis with chudiaar. Have a dekkho and give your opinion on which one you liked the best! My fav is Katrina's and Dimple's saree.

Kangana Ranaut with the cast of Fashion, visiting the Temple.

Katrina Kaif at an event in Kolkatta. Notice the lovely tissue style goldenish fabric with stamped motifs and the paisely bodice which has been embroidered on the outlines.

Rani Mukherjee at the unveiling of the book Krishna. Notice the simple design on the neck and a net dupatta with borders.

Deepti Bhatnagar at the Saas Bahu party in Mumbai. This suit has zari border on the dupatta, daaman, neck and sleeves.

Jaya Bachan was seen in an ivory and gold anarkali at the Drona launch.

I have included Dimple's saree here because it follows the same trend of white with colours and gota lining. The saree looks lovely and bright but not over done at the same time.

I noticed this one on TV -Rakhi Sawant in an off white saree with Gold work and multi-coloured border.

Picture credits: Masala, BharatStudent and ApniCommunity

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my space said...

Ditto for me...Rani and Jaya are like dwarfed by the silhouette...Anarkali`s look great on tall and slim girls..
Dimple looks a picture of grace...I love her saree...
Silver and gold Gota strips are a rage this season..sp on the Daaman and sides of the dupatta

Renu said...

I agree except for my DIL:) she looks great in anrkali suit, excuse me for being a narcissist::))

I am surprised at Jaya, innher young age she used to look so elgant with that particular style of bring pallu back in front, so typical oher, remeber Abhiman, but now ashe has turned to designer dresses and i am yet to se one where she is looking good.

I love white dress with golden border, specailly those kerala sarees,
katrina looks so beautiful that one cant give attention to the dress, but her dress is good, i like even kangana.
I love ur stylogue, can u get some pictures of Rekha? or Diya

DeeplyDip said...

@my space: Acc to me, more than being tall, being slim is important for an anarkali. check out rakhi's saree as well which i added yesterday.

@renu:Not at all - If she is thin and/or tall, she(your dil)will def look good in anarkali :)
Ya jaya had a unique way of wearing her saree almost covering her entriely - includng her hands, and still she was the best at her times!
Thanks a ton for the compliment :). Will try and find some stuff on Rekha and Diya too

Shalom said...

I have an extremely short but thin friend who looks stunning in anarkalis, so agree with you.... its just slimness, not height, you need to carry off an anarkali.

And just because whites / golds are in, doesn't mean they suit everyone, most especially Jaya Bachchan. These are the colours I've mostly seen her in & they make her look so washed out. At the same time, these are also the shades in which Dimple Kapadia usually dresses, yet on her, they make her look radiant.

DeeplyDip said...

#shalom: agreed totally

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